Broken Stage is a small group of Punk Rock addicts from Ulm, South Germany.

We organize DIY, non-profit Punk Rock Shows in and around Ulm and book tours for Bands from Ulm. 

We already worked with bands like Nothington(USA), Rebuke (SWE), Venerea (SWE), Atlas Losing Grip(SWE), Antillectual(NL), INxSANE(SLO), Spanish Gamble (USA), Elway(USA), Darko (UK), The Living Daylights(UK), Astpai (AT), Remedy (AT), Ants(AT), Jet Market(ITA), Declaration(CRO), The Holybuttons(ESP), All Aboard, Idle Class, Have no clue(HUN), Wish upon a star(GRE), Astpai(AT), Despite Everything(GRE), Fights&Fires(UK), and more…